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About Extreme Certification
2006-12-8 15:34:52    
     ENA- Extreme Networks Associate (Level 1)
     The Certification Levels
     Career certification is available from a lot of places.
     But we're talking about Extreme Networks certification, an innovative, comprehensive approach to certification.
     Our lab-intensive learning environments and hands-on exam requirements mean that you become Extreme-certified with proven experience and skills to successfully deploy and manage Extreme products in a variety of network environments.
     The Extreme Networks certification program authenticates your skill set and supercharges your IT career, bringing measurable benefits to you, your department and your company.
     Certification Levels:
     Level 1 Extreme Networks Associate (ENA)
     Level 2 Extreme Networks Specialist (ENS)
     Level 3 Extreme Networks Engineer (ENE)
     Extreme Networks Associate (Level 1)
     The Extreme Networks Associate (ENA) Certification Program establishes the foundation for all Extreme Networks certification program levels.
     Successful completion of an 80-question exam will validate the candidates' knowledge of basic Extreme hardware installation and configuration using the ExtremeWare command line interface (CLI).
     The certification is intended for individuals responsible for the installation, configuration and use of Extreme Networks products.
     Prometric, our partner and the worldwide leader in certification testing, administers the ENA certification tests. Prometric maintains more than 4,000 worldwide locations ensuring availability of local test centers that minimize the need for expensive travel.
     The price of the test is $199 USD.
     ENA certified skills include:
     Knowledge of the Extreme Networks product portfolio
     Configuring and managing Extreme Networks switches in both Layer 2/3 environments.
     Receive your ENA Certification
     Candidates who achieve a score of 75% or greater will be awarded the distinction of Extreme Networks Associate. A certificate with unique certification number will be issued within 30 business days of completing the exam, recognizing the candidate's achievement.
     There is no expiration date for the ENA certification level, however, Extreme Networks reserves the right to apply an expiration date due to potential changes in our product line.
     Registration for the Extreme Networks Associate exam:
     1.. Direct your web browser to
     2.. Select "Information Technology (IT)" as your area of study, and choose the country and state, if applicable, where you will take the exam.
     3.. Login using your Prometric user name and password. If you do not already have an account, click on "Create a New Account" to register for one.
     4.. Select the "I Agree" button and "Extreme Networks" as the client.
     5.. Choose "EW0-200 Extreme Networks Associate (ENA)" as exam.
     6.. Select the state/province where you will take the exam. A list of testing centers will be generated with their addresses and telephone numbers.
     7.. Choose the testing location for the exam, as well as the date and time for the exam.
     8.. Enter credit card payment information.
     9.. Record your payment verification information.
     10.. Be sure to bring valid, government issued photo identification to the testing center.
     Extreme Networks Specialist (Level 2)
     The Extreme Networks Specialist (ENS) certification represents a solid foundation of networking skills for individuals responsible for advanced configuring, managing, maintaining and troubleshooting Extreme Networks products.
     The pre-requisite for this certification is achievement of an ENA certification.
     The ENS exam contains of two parts, where the first part is a written exam provided by Thomson Prometric.
     The second part is a hands-on exam provided by one of the ATP/ENS test centers.
     Be sure to bring valid, government issued photo identification to the testing center.
     Part 1, ENS written
     Subsc ription for this exam is comparable with subscribing for the ENA exam, direct your web browser to
     A score of 75% or higher is required to pass this first hurdle to become an Extreme Networks Specialist.
     The price of the exam is $199 USD.
     Part 2, ENS hands-on
     Subsc ription for this exam is possible by directing your web browser to
     From here you can select an ENS test center in your region.
     The ENS exam is a 4-hour hands-on test performed at and guided by one of Extreme Networks ATP test centers.
     The exam is comprised of two parts, configuration and troubleshooting.
     Candidates who achieve a score of 85% or greater in the configuration component will move on to the troubleshooting component in which a minimum of 4 out of 5 errors must be discovered and solved within the given timeframe
     The price for this exam is $799. (USD)
     Receive your ENS Certification
     An ENS certificate with a unique certification number will be issued within 30 business days of successfully completing both the written and the hands-on exam.
     ENS certification is valid for 2 years.
     Extreme Networks Engineer (Level 3)
     ENE is the highest level of certification within the Extreme Networks Certification Program.
     With this level of certification, one should have the capabilities required to plan, design, implement, operate and optimize networks built with Extreme Networks products throughout the complete lifetime of the network.
     The pre-requisite for this certification is achievement of the ENS certification.
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